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Cloud Backup

PeachNet鈥檚 Backup service is similar to a traditional backup system, but the target/destination is our offsite datacenter. The backup system is based on Dell system, which offers source-based de-depulication that greatly reduces wall clock time that it takes for backups to run and significantly reduces traffic over the LAN. But the idea is the same as with traditional systems: You install a backup agent on each host that you wish to backup, and backups are streamed to our backup systems at in Athens. You can login to the backup management system and control various aspects of your backups including the ability to perform self-service restores.

The service leverages technical support through a dedicated team of ITS system administrators.


Use this estimator to compare package offerings and to get a feel for your annual costs. You can mix packages depending on criticality of data retention needs as well.

Data Retention
Package Daily Weekly Monthly Estimated amount of data (T) Annual Estimate
Standard 7 $0.00
Premium 7 4 $0.00
Premium Plus 14 4 3 $0.00
Annual Total Estimate $0.00

  • Packages are based on combined amount of protected data for all backup clients. Backups run everyday.
  • Customized packages are available.
  • Discounts are available for 10T and above backed up data.

For information on ordering this service contact Andrea Williams and our PeachNet Cloud Services team at:

For service support contact our Helpdesk at:

  • Self Service Support Request:
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 706-583-2001 or 1-888-875-3697 (toll free in Georgia)