Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

10.6.1 Past Due Notices

10.6.1 Past Due Notices

(Last Modified on April 19, 2019)

At a minimum, past due notices should be sent as follows:

 Required Correspondence e-mail or letterLetter RequiredCertified, Registered or Priority tracking letter (*)Send to Collection Agency
Amounts Due30 days past due60 days past due90 days past due90 days past due120 - 180 days past due>120 - 180 days
≤ $300   
> $300 ≤ $1,000  
> $1,000 

Past due notices should include the following:

  1. 1) Amount due 2) Days past due 3) Date payment expected 4) Consequences of not paying outstanding balance

Institution may choose to send certain accounts to collection agency after 120 past due, if it has been determined that all good faith collection efforts have been exhausted.

  1. Note:If an institution utilizes a third party to send collection notices, the institution must ensure that third party follows guidelines adopted in this section. If timing of notices and methods of correspondence vary from the prescribed format discussed above, the institution must request approval from 六合彩资料大全 Chief Fiscal Officer.

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