Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

22.1 Budgeting

(Last Modified on February 9, 2015)

Federal Stimulus funds must be amended into each institution鈥檚 budget, and must be separately identified in the BudgetNet system. For FY2010, HB 119 includes $92.6 million in stabilization funds for 六合彩资料大全 institutions. These funds supplant an equal amount of state funds at each institution. The Board of Regents has approved the allocation of $92.6 million in stabilization funds, along with the corresponding reduction in state funds.

In accordance with the revised instructions received in June 2009 from the Office of Planning and Budgets (OPB), the $92.6 million in Federal Stimulus stabilization funds for FY2010 must be expended in July and August 2009. The Federal Stimulus stabilization funds will be used to support payroll expenditures for the months of July and August. Institutions should amend their budgets in the first quarter of FY2010 to reflect this revision. Please note the following:

Note: An additional $164.6 million in Federal Stimulus stabilization funds were provided by the State to be used for payroll expenditures for the months of October and November 2009, and January, February, and March 2010. Only Item #8 below, to incorporate the revenues and expenditures for the Federal Stimulus funds in the Budget to Actuals report for the year, is needed for these additional funds.

  1. The president of each institution will make an application by letter to the Governor for the institution鈥檚 portion of the stabilization funds by May 20, 2009 for the FY 2010 funds. The application letter will certify compliance with the rules regarding the stabilization funds as required by the state of Georgia.

    • Note: A template letter has been prepared by the University System Office to ensure consistency in the application and certification process. A sample of this letter is shown in Section 22.10.
  2. Each institution will provide a detailed breakout of the budget for the stabilization funds for FY 2010 by May 20, 2009.

  3. The original budget for FY2010 submission from each institution will include a section on the Federal Stimulus funds.

  4. The original budget for FY2010, to be approved by the Board of Regents on June 10, 2009, will include the Federal Stimulus funds in the expenditure section.

  5. The Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs will provide the following to the Governor鈥檚 Office of Planning and Budget by June 1, 2009:

    • Applications from all 35 institutions;
    • Details of budget; and,
    • Budget summary in the BudgetNet system.
  6. Institutions may amend the stabilization funds as necessary during the course of the fiscal year.

  7. The Budget Amendment system will be updated to reflect the June 2009 instructions from OPB to reclassify Federal Stimulus Stabilization funds as personnel service expenditures.

  8. The Budget Amendment system and the Budget to Actuals report for the year will incorporate the revenues and expenditures for all Federal Stimulus funds.

  9. Federal Stimulus stabilization funds cannot be used to cover payroll expenditures for lobbyist activities.

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