Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

25.8 PPV Housing Residency Requirements

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

Residency Requirement

Section 9.8.2 of the Board of Regents Policy Manual states that 鈥渇or sound educational reasons, a president may require students to live on campus with prior notification to the Chancellor and subject to the Chancellor鈥檚 review.鈥

An institution desiring to implement a new or change an existing on-campus residency requirement must provide written documentation as to the 鈥渟ound educational reasons鈥 supporting this change.

At a minimum, the written documentation must address:

  1. Statement of educational objectives that are to be addressed with residency requirement;
  2. The method for measuring the sufficiency of the residency requirement;
  3. An estimate of increased 鈥渆ducational鈥 costs the affected students will bear and a calculation of the total cost of attendance, including housing and related expenses;
  4. An estimate of the number of students anticipated to be affected by change in residency requirements;
  5. An estimate of number of students that will be exempted from the requirement;
  6. For institutions with existing housing, include the past five years housing occupancy rate by semester and location;
  7. The implementation plan and funding source for any services that must be provided or expanded to accommodate the residency requirement;
  8. A statement affirming that no new facilities and/or housing will need to be rehabilitated or constructed on the campus to support the residency requirement; and
  9. Any other facts, analysis or information that will help in determining the viability of the residency program or changes to the existing requirement.

The residency documentation shall be submitted to the Chancellor, with a copy to the EVC for Administration, as well as the Vice Chancellors of Academic Affairs, Fiscal Affairs and Facilities. No residency requirement shall be instituted until the proposal has been reviewed by the Integrated Review and Capital Review teams, approved by the Chancellor and a letter received from the Chancellor that proposed residency requirements or changes are approved or conditionally approved.

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