Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

2.6 Project Indicator

(Last Modified on October 20, 2016)

(PeopleSoft Financials - Project ID)

The Project Indicator is used for identifying sponsored projects/grants. The Project Indicator should be used in Revenue and Expenditure coding for sponsored transactions, and may also be used, if desired, in coding for Balance Sheet transactions. Additionally, the Project Indicator may be used in coding for non-sponsored projects. This will provide additional functionality in tracking expenditures for special purposes.

2.6.1 Federal Stimulus Energy Grants - ECMXXX

(Last Modified on October 20, 2016)

The Project code that will be assigned to all Federal Stimulus Energy Grants awarded by the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) will have ECM as the first three characters of the six-digit Project code, and the three-digit Record ID # assigned by the GEFA as the last three digits. For example, the Energy Optimization Project for Kennesaw State University will be assigned a Project code of ECM151.

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