Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

25.7 PPV Project Accounting with Unique Identification Code

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

Each PPV project for which a Cash Flow Report is submitted will be assigned a unique ID code after the following numbering protocol: PPV / Institution Business Unit / 01 / 000. For example, PPV9901000 would be the PPV Peachtree Square Project (#01) located at Peachtree State University (Business Unit #99). The last three digits (000) may be used at the university鈥檚 discretion or may be omitted altogether from coding in the institution鈥檚 financial system of record.

25.7.1 Budget by PPV Project ID

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

Effective in Fiscal Year 2016, institutions should establish budgets in the APPROP (and, optionally, ORG) ledgers, and establish revenue budgets in the REVEST ledger

  • Example for PPV9901000:

    APPROP Ledger: 700000 12210 5010111 21100 42100 PPV9901000

    REVEST Ledger: 451000 12210 5010111 21100 42100 PPV9901000

Please note that budgeting for projects (with the project id) in the APPROP and ORG ledgers will be effective with the 2016 budget year. If the activity for a PPV project spans both the 2015 and 2016 budget years, users may view that activity by running the Budget Activity Report, using the department criteria or by using a query such as the BOR_GL_PROJ_TO_DATE, which shows all ACTUALS activity for a project id.

25.7.2 Guidance for Supporting Departments

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

Bursar鈥檚 Office: Ensure that Banner detail codes have been updated for all projects (rent revenue, fines, miscellaneous revenue, utilities, etc.)


  1. Establish project ID codes;
  2. Update combo table for revenue detail codes;
  3. Update existing speed types to include the new project ID codes;
  4. Create new speed types;
  5. Establish project budgets;
  6. Reclassify all revenue and expenditures relating to the unit鈥檚 new project ID;
  7. Update payroll distribution codes to include new project ID codes

Accounts Payable/Purchasing: Ensure that new project ID codes are being used for transactions relating to PPV projects.

Payroll: Ensure that payroll account distributions reflect the new project ID codes for payroll transactions.

25.7.3 How to Access the nVision Report

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

An nVision report is available in PeopleSoft that will display all project activity that has been recorded using an assigned project ID code. The report is in an Excel format and run by project ID code. The report can be printed or saved as a file. If there is no data in PeopleSoft associated with a particular project ID, a report will still generate but will display all zeros. A reference guide for the below steps is located on the .

  • Once you have signed into PeopleSoft, select Reporting Tools within the Menu display in the left margin.
  • Select the PS/nVision folder and then Define Report Request.
  • Click the Magnifying Glass symbol and select the institution鈥檚 Business Unit from the drop down selection. Click the Search button.
  • See the Report ID menu with reports listed in alpha order. Click the report entitled PPV Public Private Venture.
  • You will be directed to a page screen. Indicate the date you want to run the report. The report will compute data as of the date you indicate.
  • Select the Run Report button and then click OK.
  • See the following indicators once the process has been queued and the report is ready:
    • Run Status = Success
    • Distribution Status = Posted
  • Select Report Request and then Report Manager.
  • Click the Administration tab for access to the report(s) by PPV project for your institution.

25.7.4 Directions for Research (R1) Institutions

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

Research institutions that are not on the GeorgiaFIRST PeopleSoft Financials application model are required to develop and submit to the PPV Asset Manager a report that mirrors the mapping of the PPV Report in PeopleSoft. A template of the report and required mapping is located on the .

25.7.5 Board of Regents Review of nVision Report

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

While an institution may run the PPV Report at any time, the System Office PPV team will utilize the report to support and verify project cash flow throughout the fiscal year, including the annual Cash Flow Report submission.

25.7.6 Other Notes on PPV Project Revenue and Expense (nVision Report)

(Last Modified on May 14, 2015)

  1. Revenue is classified as either project revenue or non-project revenue. Project revenue consists of actual income earned by the project. Accounting activity coded in PeopleSoft as Mandatory Transfers (account 911xxx) and Non-mandatory Transfers (account 921xxx) will map to the Non-Project Revenue line in the report. See Section 25.6.1 to determine how project revenue (actual income earned and mandatory/non-mandatory transfers) is reflected for cash flow analysis.

  2. Project expenses are defined as expenditures that have been incurred (for receipt of goods or services) by June 30, which would include Actual ledger expenditures. The intent is to report a full 12 months of project expenses for a reporting period. Project expenses should include all direct or allocated expenses of the project, even though the typical, approved proforma reflects operating expenses as a lump sum amount. Please see Sections 25.6.2 and 25.6.3 for a breakdown of reporting PPV expenses, including PPV lease payment and deposit to R & R reserve fund.

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